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About us


LATVIJAS MAIZNIEKS – bakery rich in traditions

In every meal all around Latvia – bread made by our master bakers!

Excellent blend of the best traditions and latest technologies – this is the secret of delicious bread made by Latvijas Maiznieks. The bakery which operates on an on-going basis since 1968 has experienced countless changes throughout the history becoming one of the largest bakeries in Latvia. The key of the company’s success is our master bakers – technologists who follow the latest developments implementing progressive technologies and at the same time keeping the ancient bread baking traditions. This is how Latvijas Maiznieks manages to provide excellent quality and the same superior taste for years. Zeltene, Latvijas Tost Maize, Latvijā cepts!, Latvijas Graudu, Zemnieku, Maiziņš and Galda – yes, this is the bread of Latvijas Maiznieks!

Only the highest quality ingredients are used to bake bread of Latvijas Maiznieks, therefore it always tastes and smells so good just the same as in childhood. The real aroma of bread combined with superior quality!

Latvian bread made by Latvijas Maiznieks.