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Toasted CHEESE Bread

"Maiziņš" cheese buns
Spicy or hot tomato sauce
Classic processed cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Cheddar cheese
Sun dried tomatoes
Fresh basil
Arugula leaves

Toasted three cheese sandwich - this is the comfort dish of the delightful Diana Kubasova @dianakubasova, with which she allows herself to be pampered from time to time!


1. Spread melted cheese on one half of Maiziņš;

2. Arrange on top of thick sliced mozzarella cheese;

3. Topped with sun-dried tomatoes;

4. Arrange a thick slice of cheddar cheese on top;

5. Spread spicy tomato sauce on the other half of Maiziņš and put the two halves of Maiziņš together;

6. Put the prepared sandwich in a toaster and toast;

7. Add fresh basil and / or arugula leaves to taste.